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Student review of the book

"I have purchased and read the book for myself, and it really is an excellent comprehensive guide that stands out from the training contract handbook and other guides on the market. This guide is unique in the sense, you can tell it is written by people who have persevered through the difficult journey in getting a training contract. This is perhaps the most unique feature which distinguishes it from the other more general guides available right now.

I found the book even catered to those students who are unsure whether to apply for a training contract or pupillage. The most useful and impressive sections of the book for me were 'Marketing yourself effectively,' 'Getting to grips with commercial awareness' and 'Succeeding at interview.' For my purposes they were imperative chapters because these are areas I and many misguided graduates let themselves down on. The chapters are broken down into manageable chunks so they can easily and purposefully be digested. The 'marketing yourself' section alone should be the reason you buy this book. I would rather seek to put into practise advice and guidance from former trainees who have successfully put into use the guidance they proclaim. As graduates I believe we should count ourselves lucky that this invaluable knowledge resource has been shared.

This review doesn't really do justice to the thorough, reliable and the long-term usefulness of this guide. I would certainly recommend this book most highly to all those who are concerned this book is just another book in the long line of lacklustre guides, and it is certainly worth the price. This really is a unique book and is easily distinguishable from the books available right now".

Ben Amoah

Ben secured a training contract at Farrer & Co.


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