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Driving forward: diversity in law matters

The Business Case for Diversity

A diverse group of talented legal professionals is integral to the success of every law firm and the legal profession as a whole. Law firms need lawyers who reflect their global clients. Highlighting and promoting diversity is not about quotas, positive discrimination or having different standards. There are many reasons for widening access to law and achieving a truly diverse and more inclusive legal profession. The way forward is about having clear and measurable targets in the recruitment, retention and promotion of lawyers from under-represented groups in society; achieving real progress on diversity requires concerted action across the whole of the UK legal profession.

Together Everyone Achieves More

The diversity drive is about every single one of us being united and committed to helping the legal profession achieve a much larger purpose to ensure that: (1) any school child can have the hope of becoming a lawyer, as long as they work hard, are passionate, determined and intelligent, and (2) progression within a legal career is based on equality of opportunity, ability and merit, rather than background.


We are mindful of the fact that broadening access to the legal profession is only part of the picture; we need to create inclusive cultures where everyone can be themselves and have the opportunity to realise their potential. If we do not work together to do this and challenge behaviours that are inconsistent with this, then the diverse and super talented individuals we recruit will find routes to exit this prestigious and rewarding profession.