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Our career skills training

Students in a seminar

Our training provides the best possible start to progressing your legal career. You will develop your skills, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to forge a career in law. 


Why MUST you attend our career skills training?

Lawyers must be able to demonstrate certain discernible skills in order to operate effectively as a lawyer in the professional and business world. Law firms / chambers are looking for "projected ability" and real potential. We help you develop your comprehensive skills-set and learn how to demonstrate those core competencies in your application forms, during the assessment days and throughout the interview stages.

Practical and smart careers advice can make all the difference to your future legal career. We will help you to:

  1. Develop your all-round portfolio of skills,  
  2. Boost your employability prospects, and  
  3. Equip you with the tools to succeed in legal practice.  


Our training will provide you with an insight into the realities of what life is like as a solicitor. You will gain an understanding of what it takes to become a successfully forge a career in law and the portfolio of skills you will need to do well.


The legal landscape: We provide you with a greater understanding into what law firms are looking for in these challenging times within the current trainee solicitor recruitment market, and the factors to consider which type of law firms to apply to.



Raising the standard of your application forms: tips and guidance on how to make successful applications and answer those tough competency-based questions; market your skills effectively, get your applications noticed and stand out from the crowd. 


Assessment days: How to cope effectively with group exercises, the written exercise, presentations, verbal reasoning tests and the case study.


Interview success: Tips to increase your confidence and develop your self-belief. We show you how to handle your nerves and use role plays and examples to help you improve your interviewing technique, answer difficult questions and maximise your performance.


Preparing for life as a trainee solicitor: training on how to make your mark in legal practice. You will find out all you need to know about the role of a trainee solicitor; get an overview of different departments in law firms and develop professional skills so you hit the ground running once you start your training.


How to network effectively: We provide advice on how to approach / engage business professionals, and build contacts. There will also be networking opportunities with legal professionals.


Alternative career options and opportunities in law: You will gain a better understanding of the range of options and opportunities available.[


Our practical skills-based training and interactive discussions designed to provide you with the opportunity to improve those key skills to get you through the legal recruitment process. These sessions provide you with an opportunity to develop your analytical, research, problem solving, teamwork, interpersonal, enthusiasm, motivation, time-management, organisational, commercial awareness and communication skills.


Our training is hugely successful and extremely well-received by law students and trainees lawyers at the key stages of your career path. Our feedback has been consistently outstanding, and it is gratifying to know that we have been a helping hand during the journey. For further insight into the high quality evaluations of our workshops, please see our student feedback page.


How to attend? If you are interested to find out more about our career skills seminars please register here to attend one of our events, or alternatively e-mail us: info@ultimatelawguide.com