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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the process by which one person (the mentor) voluntarily gives his/her time to guide, support, listen, encourage and offer a student (the mentee) a positive steer in the right direction. This helps the mentee to grow by building their confidence, raising their aspirations, acquire new skills and insights which facilitate personal development. The mentoring relationship is typically developed at a time of transition in the mentee's life and lasts for a significant and sustained period. 

Our mentoring programme

Ultimate Law Guide mentors talented students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and offers them mentoring support, career guidance, and opportunities for introductions and work placements to a range of law firms and companies.

ULG's mentoring programme offers a minimum of five contact points. These informal meetings are a chance for you to discuss individual issues on a one-to-one basis with someone who understands the challenges you face; a chance to discuss the areas of legal practice that interest you, help with reviewing your CV and offering suggestions on completing application forms, developing your commercial awareness, interview preparation, practising interviewing techniques and wider career management issues. Most of the contact is face to face but also by email, telephone or letter. 

Why is it important for you?


Mentoring can often prove to be the key ingredient to helping students navigate their way through the ultra-competitive legal recruitment market, and go on to become successful lawyers. Never has it been more important for students to build links and establish networks within the legal profession and seek careers advice both within and outside their university. The current market conditions are challenging for any student seeking employment especially those from less privileged backgrounds. You must be prepared for the challenges ahead and a mentor can help you to gain perspective and help you to focus on the things that matter when planning your career path.

Our team of qualified solicitors, trained and practised at leading City law firms. Some of us were the first in our families to go to university and have achieved our ambitions of becoming lawyers at leading law firms against all the odds; whilst other members of the team are from backgrounds more traditionally associated with a career in the law. Our underlying mission is that we care about assisting your personal development and improving your employability prospects.  

What can you achieve with our mentoring programme?


  • Personal development: offers students a realistic insight into life and the demands in practice to enhance their theoretical knowledge & help you prepare for your future. 
  • Self-confidence to ask for advice and engage professional people in conversations. Having someone to encourage you to go on and achieve success. 
  • Build an awareness of the skills and qualities (entry requirements) required to succeed in your preferred areas of legal practice. 
  • Advice and guidance on your training contract applications, interview coaching and preparation based on your mentor's first-hand experiences of the process. 
  • Increased motivation gained through focused on-going support from legal practitioners (members of the ULG team). Having a confidante with whom you can be completely honest will help your personal development in a non-judgmental and sympathetic relationship, which is particularly important to keeping you focused on your career planning. 
  • Build networks: Mentors will help students to hone your networking skills and to receive assistance from others in the profession, which may help create additional networking opportunities, through the mentors' contacts and the wider mentoring team. 


Applying for our mentoring programme

The programme is open to students who have attended state schools and who may have been the first in their families to go to university. Our criteria for the students we select on our programme are (i) those whose have excellent academic achievements; (ii) are determined to secure training contracts at commercial law firms and (iii) want to develop their understanding of the role of a commercial lawyer at a City law firm.

We aim to choose those students who will benefit most from the programme in terms of ability, enthusiasm, commitment to entering the legal profession. The pilot programme is aimed at 10 first year university law students. If you would like to apply for our mentoring programme, please send a CV and covering letter outlining why you are interested in our programme, detail your experience to date and the areas you would like to develop under our guidance.

The application deadline for this year is Friday 31st July. Applications should be sent to info@ultimatelawguide.com.