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Qualify as a US Attorney


There are some great career opportunities for Ultimate Lawyers who have just finished the final year of their law degree or are qualified lawyers. There is a clear and steadily increasing demand amongst both US and non-US law firms globally for lawyers who are professionally qualified as US Attorneys. Qualifying and/or dual qualifying as a US Attorney can provide a passport into international legal services. For the law graduate and/or for persons already professionally qualified in the legal profession, the qualification of Attorney-at-Law will undoubtedly make you more marketable within a competitive profession and greatly enhance your employment opportunities at home and abroad. 


According to a study reported in London’s Financial Times. A law graduate will find that qualifying as an ‘Attorney-at-Law’ greatly increases their opportunities for career advancement in the global legal and business services sector. Many of the biggest law firms all across continental Europe are American or Anglo-American firms where qualification as an American attorney is highly prized. The internationalisation of the global legal services market will ultimately lead to dual qualification being the “rule rather than the exception”. 


Those qualified in the New York or California Bars often use their qualification to practice in the US, but increasingly many people are leveraging their status as Attorneys-at-Law to secure Associate positions in US, the Middle East and EU law firms located in European cities such as London, Paris, Brussels, The Hague, Geneva, Vienna and other regional centres. Further, many other opportunities exist outside the orthodoxy of legal practice. These include such areas as, inter alia, financial services, and the international divisions of the larger accountancy firms, management consultancy, international arbitration, international human rights and corporate in-house counsel to business generally. For example, we know of one recent qualified US Attorney is now an internal counsel with the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland while another is senior internal counsel to Intel Europe.


ULG team member Andi is a tri-qualified UK/US/Nigerian commercial lawyer. He first qualified as a US Attorney after completing the New York Bar Course with Barbri. Andi shares his success story and experiences of the NY Bar in our Articles section of the ULG site.

Barbri International is a leading provider in US bar preparation with over 45 years of experience, assisting more than one million US and non-US candidates to obtain the Attorney-at-Law qualification. If you are considering a career in commercial or international law and want to find out more, please contact the ULG team or visit barbri-international.com.