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About the book

Ultimate Guide to Training Contract Success is your definitive routemap to achieving a training contract. It serves as a useful source of reference for future solicitors, written by solicitors. The Guide walks you through every single aspect of the training contract application process; explains what law firms want from you, shows you how to demonstrate the required skills-set and improves your prospects of achieving the much coveted training contract. The Guide will provide you with the following additional benefits:

* provides you with the practical solutions to many of the common pitfalls involved in trying to forge a legal career; offers top tips to help you understand the realities of what it takes to become a solicitor, develop your commercial awareness and networking skills, raise the standard of your applications, and polish your interviewing technique. It will also helps you to attain that all-important work experience to equip you with invaluable insight into what legal practice is all about, which can often give you the edge in the employability stakes.

* shares our own accounts of the training contract recruitment process, and useful anecdotes of our friends and colleagues who have also recently achieved training contracts at leading law firms. We clearly understand the challenges and pressures you face, simply because we’ve recently been there ourselves. We appreciate the demands of trying to forge a career in law and, we aim to help you to navigate your route through the rigorous journey into the legal profession.

* we received many training contract offers between us, and would like to pass on the secrets of our success and winning ways. Successful career planning involves thinking and planning ahead, hard-work, persistence, the ability to think laterally and stand out from the crowd. The Guide provides the guidance at the important stages of your career, when it is so important that you receive expert advice and know-how, which is often not readily available. Every aspect of the application process requires careful and thorough research, and the investment of many hours preparing your application forms, and practising your interview technique. If you combine the content of our Guide with a focused strategy and determined approach, we are sure you will gain positive results.

Ultimate Guide to Training Contract Success is unrivalled; a comprehensive 300 page companion, guiding you through every stage of the legal recruitment process. It is the number one, best-selling book for aspiring solicitors in the legal community, and has assisted many students go on to secure training contracts and launch successful and rewarding legal careers.

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