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Craig advising students
Craig Robinson advising students

Our training will provide you with the best preparation for legal practice.


Training is engaging and personalised to meet your individual development needs. The sessions consist of a rich blend of both traditional and innovative learning methods which are at the forefront of legal training.


You will learn that there is more to the role of a modern day lawyer than just knowing the law. You must start thinking like a commercial lawyer immediately, and show a willingness to step back and view matters from a business perspective. We help you to learn how to apply law in practice and within the context of the wider environment in which a client and law firms' operate. This will help you to increase your self-confidence and develop your interest and understanding of business, learn to think commercially, enhance your employability prospects and ability to hit the ground running once you commence your training contract.


Much of our materials and resources are based on realistic case study exercises, and our own first-hand experiences. Our guidance is delivered through the provision of useful anecdotes drawn from our own experiences. This provides you with opportunities for “learning through doing”, ensuring that you develop exceptional skills and know-how in a memorable learning environment for the modern day professional.