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Feedback from readers of the Guide

“The Guide is a wonderful resource for prospective solicitors during their career planning”. Richard de-Friend, Director of The University of Law

"Read this book, its great for training contracts. It has a lot of useful tips to give you that extra edge for the training contract applications and interviews." Suyi Fred, Solicitor at Linklaters

"When you read this book, it's obvious it was written by someone who has been through the training contract application process. The book really helped with my applications and interviews. It helped steer me away from all the stumbling blocks, and really helped me secure my training contract at a magic circle law firm. For anyone out there who doesn't know the meaning of commercial awareness, this book is your chance to get up to speed. It's written in a plain and easy to follow style - an excellent book for aspiring trainees!” O. Bempah

“I received my copy of the book today and I have to say it's amazing. It contains everything you would ever need to know to maximise your chances of obtaining a training contract. I found particularly useful the section on developing commercial awareness, as this is something I was uncertain about. I now know what I need to do to develop my awareness. Overall an excellent buy and thank you for writing it and letting us know what law firms expect of us!” Alexander Laidlaw, Oxford University

“Fantastic! A great help! Thank you so much for this excellent guide, it told me all I needed to know, and much more! An invaluable resource & great read!” Ilan Pdhatzur, Solicitor

“I am an undergraduate considering a career as a solicitor. After reading the guide, it really inspired me, and I am happy to recommend it to anyone considering a career in law. It has taught me about what law firms are really looking for, and really helped me learn how to answer those tough interview/application questions which give you that extra edge. It's really useful!” Jenny Lee

“The Ultimate guide will add significant value to any aspiring lawyers approach, preparation and career planning, as it is such a useful reference tool that students cannot afford to be without!” Maria Christou, in-house legal, Motorola

“I am forever grateful! I recently got offered a training contract at a International law firm – the Ultimate Guide really aided me! Worth every penny! It got me a training contract!” James Dixon, trainee solicitor

“The Ultimate Guide to TC Success teaches you absolutely everything, all those necessary key tools of the trade that law firms will not reveal in their brochures or at recruitment fairs. I had no idea how unprepared I was until I read it!! It's really helped to develop my confidence”. Alex Ansah – US law firm

“I particularly liked the anecdotes and top tips! The section on networking, is something that I never considered being a part of my search for a job” Justin Deveraux, trainee

“I would like to thank the Ultimate Law Guide team for some excellent advice. Keep up the good work”. Noreen Ahmed, trainee at a magic circle firm.

“The ultimate guide is unique and comprehensive. It will surely become the industry standard source of reference for all future law students!” Graham Cutts, solicitor at Hogan Lovells LLP

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